Sending Content Using Mailchimp

You can easily send any of the HeyAdvisor content to clients through Mailchimp using our pre-made templates.

Step #1: Once you have opened the content piece you would like to send click “Generate Mailchimp Template” 

Step #2: You will receive an email with the Mailchimp template. From your email click “open template in Mailchimp”. This will direct you to Mailchimp where you will need to sign in. 

Step #3:
This will open up the templates section of Mailchimp. You can simply click “create campaign” from the edit dropdown. 

Step #4: This is where you can begin to customize the email further and send it to your clients. 

Some of our users are then creating automated email series using HeyAdvisor content. You can learn more about how to create these here.

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