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Proactive Communication: The Key to Long-Term Client Relationships

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August 9, 2023

Building a long-term trusted relationship with clients is essential to your success as a financial advisor. Having a proactive communication approach will set the stage for easier conversations down the road. 

When I was a financial advisor, we regularly discussed down markets with our clients. Even when markets were doing well, we talked about market corrections. We used visual aids and told stories so that it would resonate with our clients. I will never forget the first down market we entered. We brought out the same visuals and reminded clients of the same stories and the response was positive, despite the doom and gloom of the markets. This was because we had set the stage and that proactive approach made a big difference. 

That is just one example and this can be applied in many areas of your business. Here are some easily implementable ideas that can increase your proactive communication strategy: 

Plan Frequent Check-Ins

Schedule regular meetings and calls with your top clients to discuss their financial goals, concerns and any changes in their life circumstances. During these check-ins, be sure to ask your clients if they have any questions or concerns and take note of any changes in their financial situation or goals. If you aren’t able to address their questions during the discussion, be sure to follow up and provide more information. 

Provide Timely Updates

When things are happening in the markets, or other relative events, reach out to your client base with updates and explain how it could impact them and their finances. This can be part of a monthly newsletter or blog. Being the first one to reach out to tell them how it's going to be okay, gives your clients the opportunity to ask you questions and allows you to steer them in the right direction.

Share Educational Resources

Provide your clients with educational resources, like videos or infographics. Visual content is powerful and will help them better understand financial concepts and make informed decisions. It can also help subtly showcase your breadth of services and knowledge. Having content as part of your business development and client management strategies creates consistent messaging. 

When you take a proactive approach to communications, you can start to address concerns and questions ahead of the client's needs and this will put you in a better position to solidify your position as their trusted advisor. 

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Emily Reed
CEO and Co-Founder of HeyAdvisor
Emily is a former associate financial advisor with over 13 years experience in the financial industry. For over 8 years, she has also been working closely with advisors to help them create a more systematized business with a focus on attracting and retaining their ideal clients.

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